5 Ways Microneedling Improves Your Skin

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Aging is inevitable, but looking your age is not thanks to the wonder that is microneedling. And this simple, non-invasive facial treatment does a lot more for your skin than reduce the signs of aging. Many patients of all ages are discovering that microneedling has a powerful effect on a host of different skin conditions.  

First, what is microneedling? Microneedling is a device that creates micro-injuries to the skin and, using your skin's own healing process, triggers the production of collagen and elastin. When your skin cells are injured and go through the process of repairing themselves, the outcome is smoother, refreshed skin that has a dramatically improved texture and appearance. When paired with Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP), also known as the "Vampire Facial", your body is able to use it's own growth factors to further increase collagen production. 

Fine Lines & Wrinkles
As you age, your skin produces less hyaluronic acid and collagen. Microneedling inflicts micro-traumas to the skin to stimulate skin cell regeneration, in turn stimulating new collagen and elastin to improve the thickness and smoothness of your skin. Most patients will see a noticeable reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after just one or two treatments.

Acne Scars
Scars are caused by your body's attempts to close a wound using fibrosis, its own connective tissue. Microneedling works to inflict micro-injuries on scar tissue, breaking it down and generating regrowth of healthy cells. Essentially, it encourages your skin to continue healing the damaged scar tissue. While microneedling can reduce the appearance of scars dramatically, this typically requires more than one or two treatments.  If you are dealing with severe scars, you will achieve optimal results with a series of five or more treatments depending on the severity and depth of your scars.

Enlarged Pores
The reason your pores sometimes appear enlarged is often due to blockages caused by oil and dead skin cells. Microneedling works to physically break down and remove blockages, reopening glands and significantly reducing the appearance of the pore. 

Stretch Marks
Stretch marks form when your skin is stretched faster than it's natural capacity to expand, causing ruptures in the rapidly stretched areas and eventually forming scars that appear as discolored lines. Common causes for stretch marks include pregnancy, weight gain, growth spurts during adolescence, and muscle growth. Numerous studies have shown that microneedling stimulates cell regeneration significantly, breaking down the scar tissue and stimulating the production of elastic and collagen. Patients can expect to see on average a 75% reduction in the appearance of stretch marks with microneedling. 

Skin Texture
As your skin ages, it's ability to regenerate skin cells naturally fades leading to a duller appearance in color as the top layer of skin cells dry out. Microneedling works to remove duller, faded cells, leaving a soft texture and brightened appearance.

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Posted by Sarah Kubrick