4 Popular Plastic Surgical Procedures (and non surgical ones you should try instead)


Considering plastic surgery for dramatic results? Be aware of the possible complications that can arise, and consider our recommended non surgical alternatives to spare yourself possible discomfort and unexpected medical costs. 

Face, Neck, and Brow Lifts VS Laser & Liquid Lifts
Surgical lifts have long been considered the most effective anti-aging facial surgical procedures but this opinion is growing outdated because until recent years, there weren't many options that naturally stimulated your body into producing it's own collagen and elastin again to lift sagging areas. But now, we have Ultherapy and Profound—two of the most compelling non surgical devices intended for the sole purpose of lifting and tightening your neck and face without extensive downtime. Both work by reigniting your very own collagen and elastin production, and the results continue to improve as time goes on. It requires no incisions and at most, you may experience a couple days of swelling and mild bruising—considerably less than what you would experience with a surgical lift. And best of all, the results look natural because, in a way, they are natural. And for those dealing with volume loss in addition to laxity, dermal fillers can restore volume loss, giving you more control over plumping specific areas and actually giving you a "liquid lift" in the process. A surgical lift, on the other hand, can cause a long list of uncomfortable side effects including numbness in the face, damage to nerves that control the muscles of the face, hair loss around the incision site, skin necrosis, uneven lifting on each side of the face, a pulled back and permanently startled expression, and worst of all, 21% of cases relapse. When you weigh out the pros and cons of a surgical vs non surgical lift, a device that prompts your body to produce its own anti aging properties is always a safer and more natural way to go.

Liposuction VS Non Surgical Body Sculpting
While there is no non surgical option for large scale fat removal, there are so many other healthier ways to lose medium to small pockets of fat without risking your health and potentially botching your appearance for liposuction. In our armamentarium alone, CoolSculpting, Emsculpt, and Kybella are all effective at slimming waistlines, love handles, underarm fat, double chins, bra bulge, and any other pockets of stubborn fat for anyone with a little patience and no desire for downtime. In addition to extremely uncomfortable downtime (hello, compression garments!), liposuction carries the very real risk of infection, hernia, blood clots, nerve damage, seroma, organ damage, and uneven results. Along with the fat destroying CoolSculpting and Kybella, Emsculpt actually builds your muscles and provides you with even more fat-fighting ability. If you are uncertain about whether a non surgical alternative would be appropriate for your goals, you would be much better off simply scheduling a consultation for something less invasive before jumping right to surgery.

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Tummy Tuck VS Laser Skin Tightening
Before we suggest non surgical alternatives, we understand that certain situations call for surgical intervention. Anyone who has undergone dramatic weight loss will inevitably face excess skin that may only be resolved through a surgical tuck. However, before you immediately assume your circumstances are drastic enough to warrant this, consider if non surgical may be more appropriate for your body. One of the most common concerns about loose skin comes from patients who have either struggled with tightening up their abdomen after a pregnancy or have begun to notice sagging skin due to moderate weight loss or aging. For patients that have been pregnant and are now confronting loose skin and diastastis recti (a condition where the abdominal muscles separate, creating two distinct bulges that may eventually begin to sag), a combination of treatments may be effective—not to mention that non surgical may be a much better alternative if you are caring for a new baby. A combination of Emsculpt, Profound, or EndyMed has been effective at restoring tightness and core strength for women who could not regain their former abdomen at the gym, and Emsculpt is effective at correcting diastasis recti. Try consulting with someone about both options and ask to see examples of patients with similar concerns that achieved their goals with and without surgery.

Rhinoplasty VS Injectable Nose Job
A nose job can be one of the riskiest plastic surgeries out there, namely because it is featured front and center of every first impression you make. And while a perfectly executed rhinoplasty may not draw negative attention, perfection is not always to be expected. In fact, rhinoplasty procedures plummeted a jaw dropping 43% from 2000 to 2018, and with good reason. Nose jobs come with an eye opening list of potential complications including scar tissue formation, loss of tissue and cartilage, compromised structure and blood flow, septum damage and breathing problems, and new deformities that can develop during recovery. Not to mention you may be left with a nose that looks perfectly shaped but no longer compliments your facial structure, or appears to large or small for your expectations. With rhinoplasty on the decline, a new "15 Minute Nose Job" has risen in popularity using a combination of botox and Restylane or Radiesse to reshape the structure of the nose without pain or downtime—and zero risk of permanently botching your face since the results typically last for about one year, and filler can be added or reduced depending on your preference. 

To learn more information about non surgical treatments that may be suitable for you, set up a consultation at Supriya Aesthetic Dermatology, with offices in West Palm Beach and Jupiter. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and see how non surgical alternatives can benefit you!

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