5 of Our Favorite Ways To Get Rid of Redness

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There are countless skin conditions that could be causing redness for you. Perhaps you were born with a large birthmark that has impacted your appearance or confidence throughout life, or maybe it's redness that came from an injury that scarred you, acne, rosacea, or spider veins. Whatever the cause, can we all agree that unwanted red marks are just annoying? We've seen just about everything at our practice, and here are the tried and true treatments that will get rid of your unwanted redness.


The Vbeam laser is one of the best ways to reduce redness quickly, and we've used it to treat almost every type of redness you can think of. We've used it to treat:

  • Acne & acne scars
  • Rosacea
  • Varicose veins
  • Cherry angiomas
  • Red/blue birthmarks
  • Stretch marks
  • Acne & acne scars
  • Scars from surgery/injury

One of our favorite things about Vbeam is how quickly it works. In some cases, patients can see results immediately. Some people may need several treatments to see full results, simply because certain red birthmarks can be stubborn. Vbeam is considered safe on all skin types, however it's most effective on lighter skin. And we know you're curious—downtime is minimal for most cases. 

Forever Young BBL

BBL laser is another effective way to reduce redness, including broken capillaries and redness in the facial area. BBL stands for Broad Band Light, and this particular laser is intended for lighter-skinned individuals. Downtime is short, but there is some recovery so be prepared for a little temporary redness and swelling afterward, but don't worry—this is just inflammation from the treatment, not your skin condition getting worse. 


We bet you didn't know something so simple and relaxing could reduce redness, did you? Just as the name implies, HydraFacial offers your skin a much needed boost of hydration and one of the ways it helps reduce redness is by reducing inflammation. Immediately following a HydraFacial, you may notice your skin is slightly more pink and bright, however, getting HydraFacials regularly has been shown to reduce a number of issues like acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and chronically dry skin. It's one of the most affordable ways to help your concerns, and we recommend them for anyone as a maintenance treatment as well.

Chemical Peels

Some peels are specifically designed to even out skin tone, specifically mandelic acid and Jessner peels. We call our mandelic acid treatment the Glow Peel, and it's a mild, no-downtime peel that's perfect for pre-event prep or anyone who wants to even out their skin tone over time. The Jessner peel is the other option for this, and probably the best peel for reducing redness from acne scars. It can come with some slight irritation and we don't want you putting makeup on it until your skin has fully healed, but the results are generally more noticeable after 1—2 treatments.

Certain Skincare Products

Not every single product that promises to reduce redness lives up to the hype, so you're better off sticking with medical-grade products for this. Especially if you're dealing with stubborn redness. Retinol can reduce redness and discoloration over time, and it's important to know that the redness you might experience during the first week or two of using a retinol is temporary. Products like our Redness & Bruise Relief can also help with very mild cases of redness, and you should also consider swapping out your cleanser in case it's the culprit for your redness. It depends on what's causing your redness, so if it's acne you should lean towards a clarifying cleanser that can decongest pores and reduce acne. If you have rosacea, make sure you use a purifying and calming cleanser

If you're not sure what's causing your redness or what will work best for you, contact us at info@supriyamd.com or call our office at 561-805-9399 to book a consultation with us.







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