Double chins? Meet Kybella, your new worst enemy.

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Is Kybella reshaping (literally) how we deal with submental fat, also known as the double chin? In this week's blog, we discuss why this incredible injectable is quickly replacing neck liposuction and neck lifts.

Before Kybella, the only way to reduce or eliminate a double chin was via one of two methods: a neck lift or liposuction. Neck lifts work by surgically removing excess skin and improving the appearance around the jawline, and are typically done in conjunction with a face lift (although they can be performed as a standalone procedure). Liposuction, as it works on other areas of the body, resolves a double chin through the removal of excess fat. Both procedures have generally been regarded as effective, however, the amount of downtime, discomfort, and cost have proved prohibitive for many patients. In some cases, patients have even seen the results of a neck lift revert due to continued aging or fluctuating weight, rendering all of the discomfort and healing time fruitless. So how is Kybella different?

The Advantage of Kybella 
Kybella doesn't simply reduce the size of fat cells; it actually destroys them, eliminating the possibility of that cell ever expanding again. Through a series of injections throughout the neck, Kybella works to destroy fat cells in a smooth, even pattern, dramatically reducing submental fat. Since our bodies contain a finite number of fat cells that cannot be regenerated, this fat is considered permanently lost, leaving a smaller percentage of fat cells in the area to maintain a smooth and contoured appearance on the jawline. 

Beyond it's effectiveness, Kybella's primary advantages come with it's lower cost and non-surgical approach. Patients are able to return to daily activities with minimal discomfort, with the most common side effects being mild bruising, swelling, and areas of firmness. While all symptoms are common, they typically resolve without intervention within a week and create very little, if any, hindrance to daily activities. Due to the lengthy downtime following surgical procedures, this can make Kybella an attractive option for individuals who are unable to take time off from work, parenting, and other lifestyle factors to recover. 

Can Kybella be effective for other problem areas of the body?
While Kybella is FDA-approved only for submental fat, many physicians are safely administering the product in other areas of the body where patients have suffered with stubborn fat. In fact, patients of Supriya Dermatology have been using Kybella to reduce the appearance of fat around the bra line, underarms, and abdomen with great success. Our most recent Kybella patient struggled with excess fat above her bra line despite having an overall thin build, and turned to Kybella to reduce it. You can see the video here of how quickly the procedure went in comparison to surgical options. 

With a high success rate, non-invasive technique, and lessened cost in comparison with surgical options, Kybella is quickly leading the way in fat reduction so contact Supriya Dermatology today if you are interested in learning more.

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Posted by Sarah Kubrick