Minimizing Redness in the Facial Area with an IPL Photofacial

If you find yourself struggling with facial redness, you may be curious about what treatment methods are available. One of the best treatments out there for minimizing redness in the face is an IPL® photofacial.

One common cause for redness around the facial area is rosacea. Depending on its severity, it can make the skin look red at times. This redness can show up whenever a person blushes, or it can be present most, if not all, of the time. Rosacea can also cause the appearance of visible blood vessels or pimples.

Spider veins can also cause redness on the face. This condition develops when the veins are not functioning as they should and become broken or enlarged. As a result, the vessels will be visible through the skin in a way that can resemble the webs or legs of spiders. They look like fine lines that dart out in various directions. They also appear to be tangled together. Spider veins are not always red, however. They can be blue or purple as well.

Acne is another common condition that can give the skin a red appearance. If it advances beyond the basic type that results in the appearance of blackheads and whiteheads, it can cause inflammation. This causes redness. Acne that reaches this stage should be treated, not just to get rid of the redness, but also to keep it from developing into cystic acne. When this happens, there is a significant risk of permanent scarring.

Fortunately, facial redness can be effectively treated with an IPL® photofacial. It is done when a wand is moved across the face, emitting intense pulsed light as it goes. While the technique is somewhat similar to what is used with laser therapy, the energy is less intense. This means there is less discomfort during and after the treatment. It may, however, take more treatment sessions to produce the desired results, depending on the situation.

An IPL® photofacial helps with facial skin redness in different ways. When the problem is caused by acne, the light energy helps by killing the acne-causing bacteria. It will also help to shrink or eliminate the enlarged veins that are visible. In addition to helping remove redness, this treatment can help to give the skin a tighter and fuller appearance, thereby eliminating lines and wrinkles.

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