Prevention & Maintenance: Why Botox is the Leader in Anti-Aging



As we age, there are little signs that pop up (usually when we least expect or want them) that make us aware that we are getting older. Sometimes it's exciting things like getting your first real job as an adult or the first time you purchase a car without help from your parents. However, noticing your frown lines have permanently etched themselves into your face is a far less exciting sign of what is to come. But how can botox help you prevent premature aging and maintain your youth for longer than average? 

We will cut to the chase and tell you that wrinkles are a part—no, a fact—of life. You will get them as you age, and you will have moments when you'll wonder if there is anything you can do to erase all of them. While botox and injectable fillers have helped patients extend their youth for a longer period of time, it is important to know that not every single wrinkle should be filled or erased. It's unnatural and unlikely to stay that way for long simply due to the dynamic process that is aging. We all smile, frown, squint, and express ourselves into wrinkles, and not many of us are able to prevent these facial expressions without the help of injectables. And once those wrinkles are permanent, it becomes more and more difficult to conceal them. Because of that, prevention through the use of botox is an important first step of your anti-aging routine.

Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin injections are neuromodulators used to freeze facial muscles, temporarily blocking all movement at the injection site, and therefore, all expression from those muscles. Continual maintenance helps patients prevent expression lines from becoming permanently etched. Starting prevention early for patients will help them tremendously as they age. When you begin using botox is a conversation you should have with your injector based on your specific and unique anti-aging goals since everyone begins to show wrinkles anywhere from their 20s to their 40s. 

While botox is an effective solution for preventing lines and wrinkles, remember that facial expressions aren't the only thing that age us. Focusing on keeping your collagen stimulated and strong is vital to an anti-aging skincare routine, as is regular use of sunscreen (even on cloudy days) to prevent UV damage that leads to aging. In fact, many injectors will readily agree that sunscreen is just as important, if not more so, when fighting aging.

Combining botox with a regular skincare routine that includes moisture, protection, and antioxidants will keep your skin youthful and your collagen production strong and consistent. Including regular visits to your dermatologist for facial treatments, peels, and other skin maintenance issues will ensure your skin will glow with youth and health far longer than you could have expected.

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Posted by Sarah Kubrick