Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin with Kybella

For some people, getting their picture taken is a dreaded experience. You may be enjoying a good time with family members or friends. When someone says that they want to snap a couple of pictures, all of the sudden you begin to feel worried. You start to position yourself in an awkward way just to avoid being in the front and center of the picture. The usual reason why a person may react like this is because there is some aspect of their appearance that they do not like. For example, a person may feel very self-conscious about their double chin. Thankfully, if you are uncomfortable with your double chin, there is something you can do about it. The solution is Kybella™.

It comes as no surprise that people with excess fat under their chins are rarely happy with it. In severe cases, it actually causes a person to avoid social situations and may even lead to low self-esteem or depression. This is no way to live.

One of the best things about this amazing solution is that after a couple of treatment sessions, you will be able to say goodbye forever to your double chin. A solution of deoxycholic acid, a molecule found naturally in our bodies, is injected under the area below your chin. Over time, it destroys the fat cells responsible for your double chin. The fat cells that die are then processed through your body and eliminated. That's all there is to it. You do not have to do any special exercises, you do not have to have surgery, and you do not have to spend any time recovering from the procedure. It is really that quick and simple.

In the past, if a person wanted to do something about their double chin, the only option that they really had was liposuction. However, a procedure like liposuction is no easy decision. People who don’t want or don’t qualify for surgery make great Kybella™ candidates. If you want to get rid of your double chin, but you do not want any of the risks that come with a surgical procedure, Kybella™ may be right for you.

We are very happy to work with patients who are interested in improving their physical appearance and boosting their self-esteem. We understand that there is a direct connection between the way you look on the outside and the way you feel on the inside. When you lack confidence, you do not have the same energy and enthusiasm for life that you should. Let us help you get that confidence.

If Kybella™ seems like the right product for you, ask about it during your consultation with us at Supriya Aesthetic Dermatology. During the consultation, you will work with our highly trained medical professionals in order to learn more about this amazing product. They will ask you questions about your health and your goals. Then we can schedule a treatment session that will allow you to say goodbye to your double chin forever. To learn more about how Kybella™ can help you, schedule a consultation at either of our West Palm Beach or Jupiter locations today.

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