7 Surprising Ways Your Body Reveals Your Age

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When developing an anti-aging regimen, many of us focus purely on erasing the wrinkles and frown lines from our face. While treating and preventing the signs of aging on our face remains the most common (and most noticeable), should your youth-preserving plan be evolving to include other less obvious areas?

Your Hands
Between sunscreens, laser treatments, injectables, and serums, our armamentarium to fight facial aging is boundless. But many don't realize that a lot of those methods can be used to fend off aging in other ways. Between crepey skin, age spots from sun damage, prominent veins, dryness, and discolored, brittle nails, your hands tell quite the story about your age. Fraxel remains the gold standard for removing age spots from hands and fillers such as Radiesse will work wonders on plumping up crepey skin. Skincare products and prescription retinoids can help stimulate collagen production as well, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and giving your hands a fresher, softer appearance.

Your Neck
Your neck remains one of the most prominent places where aging shows, often much earlier than your face. Chances are, you've spent far more attention on your face than your neck, and that neglect may begin to take it's toll. A lack of care combined with the force of gravity and sun exposure can leave your neck with lines, sun spots, folds, loose skin, prominent vertical bands, and poikiloderma. However, the downtime of surgical neck lifts can cumbersome, deterring many patients who seek effective treatments that won't require the commitment of extensive surgery. Treatments such as Ultherapy and Profound have filled in that non-surgical alternative gap, allowing patients to avoid going under the knife while still getting the results they want. Christie Brinkley has even come forward and credited Ultherapy and Xeomin as being fundamental in maintaining her youthful, ageless appearance. 

Your Décolleté 
Even more than your neck, your décolleté is often practically ignored, leaving you susceptible to age spots, vertical bands, and crepey skin. Powerful ways for treating your décolleté as it ages include Fraxel and Forever Young BBL for sun spots, wrinkles, and discoloration, and the skin-tightening Endymed.

Your Hair & Eyebrows 
Even the lushest of manes and brows will eventually start to thin as we age, and if you find yourself waking up one morning wondering what happened to your ability to grow thick, strong hair, there may be several culprits responsible for the thinner appearance. Hormone levels can play a part, and when paired with years of follicle-destroying tweezing, waxing, and color processing, you may notice a significant loss of hair on your head and eyebrows. So what can you do to stimulate hair growth? Patients who have used Latisse for lash lengthening have noticed the product has a significant effect on eyebrows as well. You will notice a difference in the length of your eyebrows, so be prepared for some slight trimming as they fill out. And for overall hair loss, patients have seen dramatic results with both PRP and Nutrafol.

Your Ear Lobes
After years of gravity and heavy earrings ear lobes can loosen up and stretch out, making it difficult for your ear lobes to support earring posts, even if they are simple studs. Your best solution for sagging lobes? Restylane Lyft will work wonders for plumping up the lobe, allowing it to support lighter pendants and studs again.

Your Knees & Elbows
You may have noticed dry and scaly skin on your knees and elbows, along with skin that appears to be sagging. Firming up is often the most effective way at fighting the sagging skin that can appear at the top of your knees and elbows, but for help with dry skin, exfoliating with a scrub will do the trick to help with the build up of dead skin cells. Lotions containing glycolic acids, vitamin A, and alpha hydroxy acids can help stimulate collagen production in the area as well. For an immediate fix with wrinkles, the same dermal fillers used to reduce wrinkles on your face will work well in your knees.

Bumps and Cracks on Your Feet
After years of providing you with solid support, carrying you everywhere you go, and being mercilessly crammed into your favorite heels, it should come as no surprise that your feet will start to look their age long before the rest of you will. Combined with the fact that your feet expand as you age, tighter shoes may also be taking their toll on your skin. Exfoliation is a must for your feet and helps to remove calloused, dead skin. Pair your exfoliator with a strong moisturizer and you should start to see a dramatic improvement in the texture and appearance of the skin on your feet. If you have noticed pain in your heels due to fat loss in the padding of your feet, fillers will help by adding cushion

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Posted by Sarah Kubrick