The Best Laser Treatments For Your Skin

The Best Lasers For Your Skin

Ideal for both our cosmetic and medical patients, lasers deliver precisely the right amount of pulse and energy needed to remove lesions, fade imperfections, and reduce the signs of aging. So how do you decide which one is best for you?

Whether you are struggling with rosacea, wrinkles, acne, scars, or a number of any other skin imperfections, we offer laser treatments that can dramatically reduce or eliminate any condition. Depending on the amount of time you are willing to dedicate to healing, some lasers provide optimal results in a series of procedures with minimal downtime and others are more aggressive, delivering powerful results with a healing time of one to two weeks.

What type of laser is right for me?
Some of our most popular and effective procedures below can provide you with a glimpse of which one may be perfect for you:
Many members of our own staff have had the laser treatments we provide, offering patients a firsthand account of what to expect in terms of recovery, comfort, and satisfaction with their results. Read on to say what several of our providers have had to say about some of our most effective lasers:
 "I did a Fraxel Dual treatment over the summer and absolutely loved my results! My acne scars, brown spots, and fine lines all had significant improvement. I definitely plan on doing this treatment at least one a year!"
-Elle Cardone, PA-C 
"I really loved having the VBeam done. As someone who has rosacea, this treatment was able to effectively reduce the signs of redness. It was quick and painless. I had some mild swelling for the remainder of the day and day after, however, I was able to resume normal activity immediately. Since I was happy with the outcome, I used it to reduce the appearance of the scar left behind from my c-section and was thrilled to see that reduced."
-Jackie Sullivan, NP
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