The Fascinating Science Behind CoolSculpting


With our upcoming CoolEvent on January 18th, we've heard this question a lot: exactly how does CoolSculpting work? Many of us associate burning fat with diet and exercise, which are effective methods we should all continue to use. However, subcutaneous fat (soft fat that lies just below the skin) is often difficult to get rid of and can remain stubbornly in place even after we work hard to get rid of it. So how does CoolSculpting help? 

The first, and perhaps the best thing about CoolSculpting is yes, it is permanent. CoolSculpting was discovered by Harvard scientists after they observed that children in the hospital eating popsicles had dimples forming in their cheeks. They realized that the cold from the popsicle was freezing, and subsequently destroying, pockets of fat cells in their cheeks. The CoolSculpting procedure, medically known as Cryolipolysis, was created using the science that fat cells could be destroyed without causing frostbite or any other damage to the skin using applicators that could target stubborn areas where fat wouldn't budge from diet and exercise alone. 

As the leading non-surgical method for fat reduction, CoolSculpting comes with the added benefits of minimal discomfort and no downtime. After 35 minutes on one area, patients are able to go right back into their daily routine without the stress, discomfort, and healing required from a surgical fat reduction procedure. 

Learn more about CoolSculpting at our upcoming CoolEvent, where we will answer any questions attendees have about the procedure, including details about the procedure and expected results. We will be raffling off a free CoolSculpting treatment at the event, as well as offering special CoolSculpting discounts to attendees. Don't miss this CoolEvent!


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Posted by Sarah Kubrick