Throw Away False Eyelashes with Latisse

False eyelashes have definitely been able to help people improve their appearance. If you are getting all dressed up with full makeup and hair for an important event, your entire look would not be complete without bold lashes. Of course, you may not need them if you have extremely dark, long eyelashes. However, most of us have not been blessed by mother nature with naturally beautiful lashes. Many of us are dealing with thin, light, short eyelashes. As a result, we resort to false lashes, extensions and mascara to help our eyes make a statement. With Latisse®, however, you can get the impressive eyes you have always wanted without a single false lash.

Would you like to throw away your false eyelashes but still be able to enjoy well-defined and gorgeous eyes? A lot of people would answer yes to that question. While they appreciate the fact that false eyelashes have been an option to help them improve their appearance, they also know that false eyelashes have a lot of drawbacks. They can be very difficult to apply. The glue can get all over the place. Removing them be a pain. And, of course, they very rarely look natural.

Most would instead opt to have naturally beautiful eyelashes. Thanks to Latisse®, this really is an option. With Latisse®, you will be able to get darker, thicker, longer eyelashes. We are not talking about a new type false eyelash. We are not talking about eyelash extensions. We are not talking about a product like mascara that coats the eyelashes. We are talking about you having the ability to grow longer, stronger lashes. Of course, this means that they will look much more natural and beautiful.

Anyone who is interested in using this product to improve the appearance of their eyelashes needs to have all the facts and understand why Latisse® works. This unique product was actually discovered by accident. One of the active ingredients in Latisse® was previously used as a treatment for glaucoma. When they started using the treatment, one of the side effects that they experienced was longer and thicker eyelashes. Of course, this was not a negative side effect for most people. After this was observed for a while, then professionals got to work manufacturing the popular cosmetic product we know today.

Latisse® is a liquid medication. It needs to be prescribed by a medical doctor. During your consultation with us, we will ask you a variety of questions about your health and goals to make sure that you are a good candidate for this treatment. If it is determined that this is the best way for you to get longer and thicker eyelashes, our specialist will provide you with a prescription and explain how to use it.

A one-time applicator is used to apply the product once per day. It is usually applied at night. Only a very small amount is needed to be spread across the upper lash line. After a couple months, your lashes will have grown enough that you won’t have to worry about false eyelashes and mascara anymore.

Latisse® can help you get the lashes of your dreams, and it is provided right here at Supriya MD Dermatologist, conveniently located in West Palm Beach and Jupiter. Contact us today to book your first appointment and learn more about this popular treatment.

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