Ultherapy for Non-Invasive Skin Rejuvenation

Ultherapy-Neck-Chin-Tightening-blogimage.jpgUltherapy® can give you non-invasive skin rejuvenation and help you fight back against the effects of gravity and aging. Since it has been approved by the FDA, you can trust that it’s safe for your skin.

This treatment is effective because it harnesses your body’s own rejuvenating response, and it will gently lift the skin on your neck, chin or eyebrows. It’s even capable of smoothing wrinkles and lines.

What Makes Ultherapy® Unique?

Several different cosmetic treatments can raise your skin, but they function differently than this procedure. Ultherapy® is unique because it uses ultrasound imaging, which makes it possible for us to see the tissue layers that we’re targeting.

The ultrasound imaging is the unique edge, and it allows us to see exactly where we’re depositing energy. This is one of the only non-invasive procedures that can improve wrinkles and lines.

How Ultherapy® Can Change Your Appearance

This procedure can treat the deep foundational layer of your skin. If you’re looking for a viable facelift alternative and want to avoid surgery, then Ultherapy® could be a great treatment option for you. Unlike treatments that use lasers, this procedure is carried out with ultrasound energy, and sound energy bypasses surface skin and treats deeper layers of skin.

Other cosmetic devices used for non-invasive procedures aren’t nearly as effective. During this procedure, ultrasound energy stimulates collagen production within your skin’s foundation, which lifts your skin tissue.

Since lasers use light energy, they have difficulty penetrating deep into your skin, and the energy has trouble generating enough heat. Due to this limitation, lasers only work well for treating superficial skin, and they’re not cleared by the FDA to lift skin.

Ultherapy® Stimulates Collagen

To stimulate collagen regeneration, this skin rejuvenation treatment sends strong ultrasound energy deep into your skin. This causes the skin to reach a specific temperature.

The procedure jumpstarts your body’s natural healing process, which is called neocollagenesis. By stimulating this natural process, Ultherapy® causes your body to produce new, fresh collagen, and it doesn’t require toxins, fillers or creams.

Since this is a non-invasive procedure, you don’t need to take any time away from work, and when your treatment session is finished, you can immediately return to your daily activities.

What About the Results?

Most patients notice some initial results, but it can take between two to three months to see the full results from the procedure. During this process, your body must naturally regenerate collagen, and the duration of the results depends on your unique body. The nice thing about gradual results is that they appear natural.

For non-invasive skin rejuvenation, Ultherapy® is a top treatment to consider. Talk to the team at Supriya Aesthetic Dermatology in West Palm Beach or Jupiter to learn more about this incredible treatment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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