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Considering a body sculpting procedure like Emsculpt? Below we answer your most pressing questions about this quick and easy method for tightening muscle and removing excess fat non-surgically,  If you have ever wondered what it is like to get Emsculpt, read on to know what to expect. 

What does Emsculpt do?
® is the first FDA-approved treatment shown to actually build muscle and burn fat without you having to break a sweat
. This revolutionary treatment stimulates muscle contractions, to grow bigger muscles, and burn fat without a patient having to exert themselves. Imagine being able to rest for 30 minutes as your muscles are stimulated into the equivalent of 20,000 crunches? Emsculpt has made this a reality.

I already work out, so why would I try Emsculpt?
is a unique technology that actually helps to build bigger and stronger muscles, while also reducing the layer of excess fat covering these muscles, making for a leaner and more toned result in the abdomen and buttocks. Even if you have an established workout routine, yet you struggle with certain pockets that seem to be resistant to any diet and exercise, this procedure will help you finally achieve the results you want. 

Who Can Benefit From Emsculpt?
While anyone can benefit from this groundbreaking procedure, there are certain individuals who may see maximum results due to a number of conditions. One fascinating result of Emsculpt is its ability to heal diastasis recti, without surgery. Diastasis recti is often a result of pregnancy, occurring when the two sides of the rectus abdominis muscle become separated. Emsculpt has shown to reduce the gap, providing a tighter and more sculpted abdomen and reducing the unslightly bumps that come with this condition. 

Emsculpt has also demonstrated benefit to athletes, with some reporting that the procedure was a way to provide more core strength, particularly during times of inactivity or injury. Those that returned to activity following an injury stated that starting with a stronger core helped them rebuild overall strength much faster.

Do I need to take time off for Emsculpt?
EmSculpt is completely non-invasive, meaning there’s no needles, no surgery, no numbing, and best of all, no downtime. This makes it the perfe
ct treatment for busy patients who don’t want to take time off from work, school, training — or anything, for that matter — to have a fat reduction, body sculpting procedure.

Can I have Emsculpt on any part of my body?
is presently FDA-approved for treating the stomach, the flanks or sides, arms, and buttocks because it has been proven to be most effective for those treatment areas. However, as research continues, more treatment areas are being considered to allow for a more complete body solution.

Will everyone see results with Emsculpt?
Tested in five unique abdominal clinical studies utilizing all four established methods of evaluation, including MRI, CT and Ultrasound, Emsculpt delivered consistent results in muscle gain and fat loss in the following areas with 96% patient satisfaction:

  • 19% reduction of fat
  • 4 cm (1.5 inches) loss in waistline circumference
  • 16% increase in muscle mass
  • 11% reduction in diastasis recti
  • 5X increase in fat metabolism (apoptotic index increased from 19% to 92% after treatment)
  • 80% patients with visible lifting effect of buttocks

Will it be painful?
No. You will feel your muscles contracting, but you won’t be exerting effort. Most patients say this feels weird, but it’s not painful (you shouldn’t expect to feel a “zap” of the energy or anything like that). You should expect to feel sore after the treatment, just like you would after a good workout at the gym – this soreness usually appears 24-48 hours after the treatment, and is a good sign that muscle is being built.

How long can the results be expected to last?
Fat reduction results are permanent because the treatment targets and destroys those cells permanently. Muscle building results can be expected to last up to six months after a full course of treatments, however, as with any muscles you must work to maintain your results.

How often can I do Emsculpt?
The minimum recommendation for optimal results will be four treatments within two weeks. There is no limit to how many times you can try it, and many patients book additional appointments to maintain their results.

Emsculpt has been proven effective through seven independent, multi-center studies. These studies have shown that the average increase of muscle mass is 16%, the average fat reduction is 19% and the average patient satisfaction is 96% when it comes to the Emsculpt treatment. Emsculpt is incredibly effective and results can be maintained with a proper diet and regular exercise. Patients can also do “touch-up” treatments if necessary depending on the recommendation of our providers.

In comparison to other treatments such as CoolSculpting, both methods are effective but different. Coolsculpting uses cryolyposis to reduce fat by freezing and eventually killing fat cells to be eventually flushed from the body naturally. As for Emsculpt, EmSculpt uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscle movement as well as burn fat. The main advantage Emsculpt has over CoolSculpting is the ability to tone muscle.

Each patient's cosmetic needs will vary, so if you are unsure of whether or not Emsculpt and CoolSculpting are right for you, contact our office for a complimentary consultation.

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