Acne Treatment in West Palm Beach, FL

Acne treatment in West Palm BeachSome patients are bothered by acne no matter how often they cleanse the skin or what type of products they use. Those in Jupiter, West Palm Beach, and Palm Beach County can delight in knowing help is available at Supriya Aesthetic Dermatology.

Acne is not a result of poor personal hygiene, as a number of factors contribute to this condition. Treating the causes of acne, rather than the symptoms, results in better-looking skin and fewer breakouts to contend with.

What is acne?

Acne is a skin condition that results from excess oil being produced by the sebaceous glands. This, in turn, causes clogged pores and the formation of tiny bumps that appear on the face, neck, chest, and back areas. These bumps can take on a number of forms including the following:

  • Whiteheads: Small white or flesh-colored bumps just above the skin’s surface
  • Blackheads: Pimples with a dark center either at or below the skin’s surface
  • Nodules: Inflamed bumps below the skin’s surface

What causes acne?

While the exact cause remains a mystery, research has revealed four key players:

  • Excess oil
  • Clogged pores
  • Bacteria
  • Inflammation

The excess oil is sebum, oil that our bodies make to prevent the sin from drying out. Sebum increases dramatically during adolescence when hormones known as androgens spur sebum production into overdrive. Not all of the excess sebum can flow freely to the skin’s surface, and clogged pores result. P. acnes, bacteria found on everyone’s skin, flourish in the excess oil and causes inflammation.

Inflammation determines what type of acne appears. A little inflammation means that sebum flow is blocked close to the skin’s surface. The result is a blackhead or whitehead. Your dermatologist may call this a “comedo.” If the blockage develops deeper within the skin, a papule (pimple) forms. A bit deeper and a pustule (pus-filled pimple) develops. A very deep blockage causes intense inflammation, resulting in a painful nodule or cyst. Nodules and cysts are the most severe types of acne lesions.

What are some of the most common acne treatments?

Waiting for acne to clear on its own can be frustrating. It also can lead to permanent scarring, poor self-image, depression, and anxiety. To avoid these physical and emotional scars, dermatologists recommend that acne is properly treated. Treatment should continue for as long as needed to prevent the acne from recurring.

Promises of overnight results and acne cures sound great, but the truth is:

  • An “overnight” treatment or “immediate” cure for acne does not exist
  • Acne treatment takes time (about 4 to 8 weeks)
  • Acne treatment must be ongoing to be effective

The reason acne treatment takes time to work is that treatment prevents new breakouts. Treatment does not target existing blemishes, which can heal unaided. As anyone with acne knows, new blemishes are constantly appearing. As a result, acne treatment is ongoing.

While waiting for treatment to work, it can be tempting to squeeze acne lesions to get rid of them. Dermatologists do not recommend this. Picking, scratching, popping and squeezing tend to make acne worse and can cause scars.

Dermatologists offer many effective treatments. Before recommending a treatment plan, your dermatologist considers many factors including your gender, age, and acne severity. For women, other considerations are whether you are trying to become pregnant. Before starting any acne treatment, be sure to tell your dermatologist if any of these apply. This information will help your dermatologist create an appropriate treatment plan.

The medication in the plan may be topical (applied to the skin) or systemic (works inside the body). Some patients receive a plan that combines topical and systemic treatment. Another type of treatment is laser and light-based technologies. These technologies continue to be researched for their effects on mild to moderate acne.

  • Topical Treatment: this is the standard care for mild cases of acne that have not responded well to over-the-counter products.
  • Systemic Acne Treatment: Oral medications are the standard care for moderate to severe acne, especially when inflammation is present.
  • Combination Therapy: The use of both topical medication and oral antibiotics.
  • Laser therapy: generally used to reduce the amount of oil produced by glands and eliminate bacteria. Often used for severe cases of acne or breakouts on the chest and back
  • Chemical peels: helps exfoliate the skin and remove dirt and oil that may clog pores. Generally effective on moderate to severe acne
  • Drainage and extraction procedure: may be needed whenever acne cysts are present and involve draining the fluid out of a cyst by using a needle.

We also offer the following advanced acne treatment options:

Why should people with acne visit a dermatologist?

Patients can benefit from seeing a dermatologist for their acne if they are unable to control this condition with traditional skin care products. Leaving acne untreated increases the risk of scarring in the future. It can also prolong it, meaning that some patients will suffer for months or even years before it finally clears up.

How long does a treatment plan last?

This varies from one person to the next. Some people need to seek treatment for only a few weeks, while others will require treatment for several months. Teenagers may need ongoing treatment for two to three years in some cases.

For many patients, acne plagues them at a time in their life when they are already extremely self-conscious. Those who are frustrated with self-treatment can take comfort in knowing that help is available at Supriya Aesthetic Dermatology.

How Much Does Acne Treatment Cost?

Skin rejuvenation treatments are considered to be elective, so most insurance providers won’t cover the costs. To help make acne treatment affordable and accessible for everyone, Supriya Aesthetic Dermatology offers financing options via CareCredit®. We also accept cash, personal checks, and major credit cards. Contact us today if you have any questions about the cost of acne treatment.

Contrary to popular belief, acne isn’t something that an individual simply has to put up with. Those in Jupiter, West Palm Beach, and Palm Beach County can seek relief by contacting Supriya Aesthetic Dermatology at 561-805-9399 to schedule an appointment. Dr. Supriya Tomar will not only treat your acne but can also treat acne scarring by employing one of several lasers that she has in her armamentarium.

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