Upneeq in West Palm Beach

Upneeq in West Palm Beach, FL

Imagine an eye-opening lift with just one daily drop.

 Upneeq® is the only FDA-approved prescription eyedrop for acquired ptosis (low-lying lids) that lifts your upper eyelids to open your eyes

Upneeq® prescription eye drop helps target acquired ptosis (low-lying eyelids). Upneeq® stimulates Muller’s muscle – a muscle that maintains elevation of the upper eyelid. Using Upneeq® just once per day has been found to deliver a rapid, visible lift to the upper eyelid that not only improves appearance, but also helps improve vision.

What are the effects of low-lying lids?

Low-lying lids can cause multiple effects. The most common effect is when it makes you look tired in your overall general appearance. It can also block your vision. This can interfere with many daily functions like reading, driving, looking up, and using a computer or your phone.


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Upneeq works only on cases of acquired ptosis (a condition developed in the later stages of life as a sign of aging); it’s not a treatment for congenital ptosis, which is present at birth.

Upneeq provides a temporary lift for people who:

  • Need a quick lift for an occasion or photos, so they look more awake and present
  • For those who have acquired ptosis (low-lying lids) that occurs naturally as we age
  • For anyone who is contemplating lid surgery and wants to try a non-surgical option

How many days will my prescription last?

Upneeq prescription comes with 45 single use droppers that will last 45 days when used daily. Your Upneeq prescription comes with 45 single use droppers that will last 45 days when used daily.

How long does it take Upneeq to work?

In the trial, the onset of the drop was statistically significant at 15 minutes, although many patients responded as early as 5 minutes. However, continued lift will occur and full results are visible after 30 minutes.

How much will Upneeq help lift my eyelids?

Every client responds differently to Upneeq eye drops. On average, there will be a noticeable difference of 1mm of lifting of the eyelid. 

Is there anyone who shouldn't get Upneeq?

Upneeq may increase the risk of angle-closure glaucoma in patients with untreated narrow-angle glaucoma. It is important to speak with your ophthalmologist or other treating physicians before starting this medication to rule out contraindications, including muscle, nerve, eye infections/masses, or immune system disorders. If you wear contact lenses, please remove them before using Upneeq and wait 15 minutes after using Upneeq before putting them back in.

Supriya Aesthetic Dermatology is an excellent choice when it comes to Upneeq. Residents of Jupiter, West Palm Beach, and all of Palm Beach County, FL, who would like to know more, can contact the office at 561-805-9399.

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