5 Reasons To Get Clear + Brilliant

5 reasons to get clear + brilliant

If you haven't tried Clear + Brilliant laser yet, here are five reasons that will make this your new favorite beauty trick that will keep everyone guessing what your secret is. 

No Needles or Surgery
In the world of lasers, it doesn't get any less invasive than Clear + Brilliant. Anyone who feels uneasy about common injectable anti-aging techniques such as botox, fillers, or facelifts can finally see powerful results without surgery. A topical numbing cream is applied to the face, and then the laser treatment is performed with no discomfort to the patient. Some describe the sensation as a light snapping of a rubber band, but many feel no discomfort at all. 

A Single Treatment...or A Monthly Routine!
Whether you want just one treatment of Clear + Brilliant or want to make it part of your routine every two weeks, this laser is safe for repeated use within a relatively short window of time. Many patients who have decided to try just one treatment to test the laser's effectiveness have turned this laser into a monthly treatment that keeps their skin glowing and clear. Often referred to as the "baby Fraxel" Clear + Brilliant is so safe that patients can return for another treatment within two weeks of their previous visit. 

Quick & Gentle
Once the patient is numbed, Clear + Brilliant treatments only take about 15-20 minutes. This laser is ideal for anyone who doesn't want to set aside hours of their day for preparation and recovery, but still wants to see an improvement in the size of their pores, a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, more even skin tone and smoother skin texture. And while just one treatment will already start to yield results like this, we highly recommend making this a series to achieve truly stunning results.

Little To No Downtime
No one wants to worry about taking a few days off from socializing, work, or events to allow for healing time. And what better way to get glowing skin without missing out on holiday fun than with a laser treatment that no one can detect? Clear + Brilliant patients typically experience a flushed complexion the day of the treatment, followed by a very mild sandpaper texture on their skin. Both effects are safely covered with makeup and sunscreen. Many of our patients use HydraTint afterward since it provides both products in one, and it will also contribute to moisturizing any dryness.

Noticeable Results
As previously mentioned, one treatment will deliver on its promise of brighter skin. However, a series of treatments will deliver truly incredible results that will have your closest friends scratching their heads and wondering what amazing secret you've been hiding from them. Patients noticed a reduction in hyperpigmentation and a noticeable improvement in texture after six sessions, and loved the results so much they decided to incorporate this laser as part of their skincare routine.

For more information about Clear + Brilliant, schedule a consultation with us today and see if it's right for you before the holidays arrive.

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Posted by Supriya Dermatology | Sarah Dichkewich