8 Things You Should Know About Lip Fillers

8 Things to know about lip fillers blog

Thinking of getting lip fillers for the first time? Here's everything you need to know to help you make your decision about selecting the right filler and how much you should do.

Not all fillers are created equal
There are different types of fillers for different parts of the face and body, and your dermatologist will use a filler that is perfectly designed to plump and reshape your lips without overdoing it. To maintain a natural shape to your lips, a thinner filler may be used to add subtle definition and shape without making your lips appear swollen and unnatural. Depending on your desired result, certain brands like Juvederm Volbella® ,RHA 2 and Restylane Kysse® are just two of many fillers we carry that are designed to achieve a naturally enhanced pout.

You’ll confuse swelling with being overfilled
The first few days following lip injections are a period of adjustment for your lips. The repeated injections received during your filler treatment probably irritated your lips and led to some swelling and tenderness. You might even mistake that swelling for overfullness—even when it isn’t. It is normal and perfectly ok to wonder if you overdid it but allow a few days for the swelling to subside and reveal your true new look. If you are concerned about too much swelling, it’s also acceptable and encouraged to apply an ice pack here and there to help ease any discomfort.

They are reversible
It’s very important that you visit a dermatologist that is highly skilled with lip fillers—one who will properly guide you through the best way to achieve your desired aesthetic. We encourage our patients to make conservative and subtle changes to their lips to preserve their appearance and enhance natural beauty, and Dr. Tomar believes in gradually increasing filler to get the desired result. As a result, most of our patients are repeat visitors who are happy with their results and hoping to maintain them. However, it's ok if you've had fillers and decided your natural look was more suited to you. So if you were a little too ambitious or visited a physician that overdid it there is a simple treatment that can dissolve filler prematurely to restore your natural appearance.

They are temporary
Lip fillers typically last 9-12 months, but the amount of time filler lasts varies depending on how fast your body metabolizes the filler. Some patients might notice their fillers last for only 6 months, while others might enjoy results for well over a year. It is also possible that the thinner you are, the more quickly your body will metabolize filler.

The results are instantaneous
Be prepared to go shopping for all the lipsticks! One of our favorite things about filler has to be the instant results they provide. While the swelling typically occurs during the first few days, you can still get plumped lips right away. And if you’re one of the lucky few that doesn’t experience much swelling, you’ll be able to enjoy your lips immediately.

Your lips will still feel the same
Once the swelling goes down, your lips will feel the same as they did before. Eating, speaking and kissing will all feel the same as they did before.

Resist the urge to get “copycat” lips
It might be tempting to look at Angelina Jolie’s lips and think “I want that look!” While we understand wanting to mimic her look, or that of anyone with naturally lush lips, we encourage against actually doing it. Your face has its own unique shape and structure, and overfilling your lips for the sake of mimicking others will not make you look more like them—it will just make your lips look too puffy for your face. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your lips compared to others, examine what it is about your lips that you wish you could change and speak with your injector about how to correct it while still keeping your lips proportionate to the structure of your face.

They can correct more than just thin lips
When people think specifically of lip fillers, they think it’s purely for the purpose of making lips bigger. But we have had many full-lipped patients who were more concerned with asymmetry than volume, or patients who needed the lines above and below their lips addressed without actually injecting the lips themselves. Uneven smiles and inconsistent fullness can be corrected by placing filler only where it is needed instead of the entire lip, and it has virtually zero impact on your natural appearance. In fact, most people will not notice that you’ve had anything done at all—they’ll simply notice that your smile seems to be even more beautiful than usual.

And some patients who may be older have noticed that their upper lip has lost some of the concavity they previously had when they were younger, and filler can be used to address that, too. If you are interested in learning how can be used to correct certain looks without adding volume, read our blog about how filler can be used for aging instead of just adding volume. 

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