How do I get rid of acne scars and skin irregularities?

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Fine lines and wrinkles aside, there are a lot of ways your skin's texture can lose its smoothness over the years. Scars from acne, injury, surgery or other anomalies can occur, leaving the texture of your skin rough or uneven. There are a lot of non-invasive ways to get rid of irregularities in your skin, and we've tested out some of the best ones to get you a smoother, regenerated complexion.

Micro Needling Levittown | Cosmetics Lawrenceville NJ | Total EyeMicroneedling uses your body’s own healing process to give you healthier, younger skin. Microneedling works by creating micro-injuries in the skin that trigger the production of collagen and elastin. When combined with the benefits of platelet-rich plasma, micro needling improves skin texture and firmness but microneedling can still be done on its own with incredible results. Microneedling treatments are performed at four to six-week intervals initially, followed by maintenance treatments every six to 12 months.

Not sure how many treatments you need?

  • General skin rejuvenation requires one to two treatments.
  • Mild to moderate scars require three to four treatments.
  • Deep scars and stretch marks require up to five treatments.

CO2 laser resurfacing involves the use of a carbon dioxide laser to deliver very short pulses of light over the surface of the skin to remove very thin layers of this tissue. This helps to remove damaged skin while stimulating the growth of new skin. There's a little bit of social downtime associated with this laser—after all, it is the most aggressive way to permanently eliminate scars. But results are usually quite dramatic and patient satisfaction is high.

Genius RF is a great way to get rid of deep acne scars and uneven skin if you're looking for the bare minimum of downtime with permanent and dramatic results. Genius RF creates a pattern of microinjuries to stimulate collagen production deep within your skin to lift and smooth depressed scars, but it also delivers radio frequency to heat up the deeper layers of your skin to smooth without causing any trauma to the top layers. This means that aside from some mild tenderness for a day or so, you physically have no social downtime. And while most patients need about 3 treatments to get the result they want, milder cases have actually noticed results after just one treatment.

fillers for acne before and afterHyaluronic fillers are best used for rolling and atrophic scars. They have very minimal downtime and the advantage of immediate improvement. Filler is injected directly into the skin beneath the depressed scar, providing instant lift and smoothness with zero downtime. 

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