Clear + Brilliant: The Prejuvenation Laser For All Skin Types

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Prevention—the often overlooked but always effective method for looking younger than your years. Many of us have figured out that a great skincare routine, sprinkled with regular facial services and botox, can ward off the signs of aging until much later in life. But what about laser treatments? There have been limited options out there that were suitable for all skin types—until Clear + Brilliant came along.

Most people who get them look at lasers as ways to correct existing damage instead of using them as another layer of helpful prevention. And we can see why. The most well known resurfacing lasers, Fraxel and CO2, yield some pretty impressive results. They are a great option for patients looking to correct sunspots, wrinkles, and other skin irregularities that come with getting older, but what if your skin isn't damaged yet? And beyond that, what if your skin type rules these lasers out?


Some of us don't see the need for taking care of our skin when it's smooth, youthful, plump, and perfect. However, the reality of aging is that it's usually a cumulation of years without proper skincare. Your skin requires preventative maintenance throughout the years, and you might need a lot more rejuvenating treatments later in life if steps aren't taken while you're young. And the gold standard in pre-juvenation is Clear + Brilliant.

In simplified terms, Clear + Brilliant is subtle. For most Clear + Brilliant patients, there isn't any social downtime, meaning your skin won't look like it's just been treated with a laser. You may need to avoid the sun and slather on a little extra sunscreen, but generally you can put your makeup on soon after and you'll still get a lot of the benefits without the discomfort of the stronger lasers. For that reason, Clear + Brilliant has earned itself a reputation for being more of a pre-juvenation as opposed to a rejuvenation procedure that can effectively treat all skin tones. Stronger lasers like Fraxel and CO2 can pose a risk of hypopigmentation for darker skin tones in some cases, but Clear + Brilliant can safely treat without any risks—and all the benefits. 

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So what's the benefit of pre-juvenating with Clear + Brilliant, besides the obvious anti-aging perks? Lasers like Clear + Brilliant are great for brightening skin and targeting hyperpigmented areas, and it's important to remember that sometimes those areas have the potential of growing into cancerous lesions. With most of our patient base living in South Florida for at least some (or all) of the year, skin cancer is a big concern for us. We remind our patients to get regular skin checks just in case, and always encourage the use of sunscreen. We even started carrying some medical-grade sunscreens of our own to make sure everyone has it before they walk out of our office. However, sometimes the damage of sun exposure is done at an early age and can sit undetected for decades. The foundation for some skin cancers is built years before the lesion actually turns malignant, and lasers that are meant to target brown spots can actually reduce your chances of developing skin cancer later on. 

No matter how youthful you look, your skin probably has barely visible fine lines and sun damage that might be starting early. And while you might not notice them yet, Clear + Brilliant will, and it will correct them before they turn into visible sun spots and wrinkles later on.

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