How to Prevent a Facelift in 3 Simple Steps

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What's better than getting a surgical facelift? Never needing one in the first place. 

Facelifts certainly have their benefits—they can dramatically eliminate the major signs of aging and reverse decades of sagging and wrinkles. The results are visible almost right away, even during a recovery period. And when performed properly, they can reverse decades of the signs of aging. But facelifts are major surgical procedures that can come with the risk of complications, positive results aren't guaranteed, and negative results can be daunting to correct. That's why preventing premature aging is usually the most affordable and effective way to put off a facelift for as long as possible or prevent needing one at all. 


The gold standard of non-invasive anti-aging, botox and fillers will go a long way in preventing wrinkles and sagging. Lines that would normally form over the years can be either prevented with botox or erased with dermal filler, and fillers can even provide your face with a lift when injected into the right areas. A sagging and heavy appearance can be lifted almost instantly with little or no downtime, and the hyaluronic acid in fillers can keep your skin healthy and plump for at least 6-8 months. 


Basic skincare is so simple, yet so overlooked. If more people knew how much UV damage contributes to premature aging, sunscreen use would skyrocket and we would all be slathering it on daily. The problem is that sunscreen is usually only considered when someone is planning on spending a day outdoors, either swimming, hiking, sunbathing, and more. And while using sunscreen generously during all of those activities is exactly what we encourage, it's not the only time UV damage can occur. A lot of sun damage and aging occurs during ambient daily exposure over years and years. This includes the 20-30 minutes you spend in your car each day driving to and from work, or the odd 10 or 15 minutes you spend going to lunch or running errands. That exposure adds up over the years, leading to brown spots and wrinkles on frequently exposed areas such as your hands, décolleté, and face. Simply applying a light broad spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen or makeup that contains SPF will go a long way in preventing not only skin cancer, but premature aging. 

Retinoids are also underestimated and underused in the fight against aging. Retinoids can reduce lines and wrinkles, brighten your skin to give it a more refreshed glow, help your skin make more collagen, fade age spots, fight and prevent acne, and smooth texture. Seriously, there isn't much that a retinoid can't do so regardless of your age, invest in one. Just make sure you pick the right one. Dr. Tomar is happy to make recommendations for anyone who isn't sure which one to pick depending on their skin condition, and her personal favorite is Advanced Retinol Serum, a formula she handpicked herself.

If you're already diligent about your SPF and retinol, here's how you can take it up a notch: peptides. There are hundreds of peptides in existence, and they appear in nearly every single anti-aging product with good reason. They work for just about anyone of any skin type, and are particularly loved by those with sensitive skin that have sensitivity to retinol. Combining regular peptide use with products like Vitamin C, E, & Ferulic Acid and growth factors will increase firmness, elastin production, collagen production, and help your skin maintain its own protective measures. 


Laser resurfacing can be approached two different ways: either as light, preventative treatments (i.e. Clear + Brilliant) or corrective (Fraxel, CO2, or Forever Young BBL). The less aggressive treatments that come with Clear + Brilliant are usually best if your skin is already in good shape and you want to take extra steps to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles that are just starting to form or barely visible yet. You'll usually experience no social downtime with lighter treatments like this. If you are starting to notice light to moderate lines, wrinkles, and brown spots, Fraxel will do the trick in reducing them. However, if the lines are prominent, CO2 laser resurfacing is best. It comes with the most significant downtime but it yields the best results. BBL is also a great option if you're concerned with age spots. With just one or two BBL treatments, the spots can be reduced or completely eliminated.  

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