Loose sagging skin? Tighten up with 4 simple treatments.

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As we all know, looking your best throughout the years only gets tougher with age and finding a way to stay youthful poses a challenge that may only be solved through a lot of time and money. Many don’t have the bank balance to afford expensive surgery, and if they do, they don't have the time to recover. There are several helpful alternatives that can achieve the same results for a fraction of the cost. And in truth, non-surgical skin-tightening procedures will not only save on cost, but also provide solutions that are faster and less-invasive, and require little to no recovery time. Take a look at a few of the options offered by Supriya Dermatology.

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What better way to tighten loose skin than by stimulating the very collagen and elastin your body produces naturally? As we age and our collagen and elastin stores naturally deplete, we're left with a few options: surgery, fillers, or refill our collagen and elastin stores. Ultherapy and Profound are two of the best non-invasive devices out there that fall into the third category and stimulate your body's own ability to firm up skin. The full results take about three months to appear, although you may start noticing improvement after just one month. And you can enjoy your results for two years or more. No surgery, no scars, and no unnaturally stretched skin.


Chemical peels can tighten skin very simply: their job is to remove superficial layers of skin so that new baby skin can grow in its place. This can be beneficial for sun damage, scars, acne, and loose skin. When your skin starts to regenerate new skin, it rebuilds collagen and elastin as well. The result is smooth, taut skin that lasts for at least six months. 


EndyMed™ works by delivering heat to the deepest layers of the skin and producing radio frequency waves to penetrate the skin’s surface and into the subcutaneous tissues and dermis. When the deepest layers of skin tissue are heated, the body’s own collagen contracts. This causes the skin in that area to immediately become tighter. In addition, EndyMed stimulates the growth of new collagen, so you'll continue to look younger over time.

B&A - more lifts 3 (1)THREAD LIFTS

A thread lift is a procedure where Dr. Tomar places temporary sutures beneath the skin to produce a subtle but visible "lift" in the skin that also stimulates collagen production. Skin plumps up around the threads and adds to the effect of pulling the skin back slightly, resulting in a lifted and tighter face. 

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