Watch Your Neck!


When it comes to building an anti-aging routine, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? If you think of your face, you're missing one of the most important steps. 

When building a strong anti-aging routine, how often do you focus on your neck and décolletage? What we sometimes neglect to realize is that wrinkles, discoloration, crepey skin, and laxity issues are even more likely to develop on your neck and chest as your face, and sun exposure can accelerate the signs of aging much more quickly than the face. So what can you do to cover your neck? Here are a few tips.

Move Your Facial Routine Down To Your Neck & Chest
While aging on the neck and chest is inevitable, there are a few rules that can delay the process. Hydration, UV protection, and collagen stimulation remain the tried and true ways of prolonging healthy, youthful skin. If you are already following these three rules for your face, simply extend the application to your neck and décolleté. 

Watch Your Nutrients
When we are young, prevention is key through the use of UV protective products and moisturizers that protect against dryness and the elements. However, when you reach your thirties and on, up the antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, retinoids, and exfoliation to double down on crepey skin, hyper pigmentation, and skin laxity. 

Rest & Repair
Aging is a dynamic process, and while tremendous results can be obtained through laser treatments and injectables, they are never a substitute for simply taking care of your skin long term. Eventually, the lack of day to day care will take its toll on your skin and using the right products to protect and nourish will work wonders to fight signs of aging and environmental damage on your neck and chest. When used in combination with other anti-aging agents or our in-office laser, Ultherapy, and peel procedures, it will result in a smoother, fresher, more natural appearance.

To rejuvenate your skin in your 30s, Dr. Tomar recommends Botox, superficial peels, and Endymed skin-tightening treatments. As the skin starts to show more crepiness in your 40s, you can add a yearly Fraxel skin resurfacing treatment to your skincare regimen. As laxity becomes more of a concern, procedures such as Ultherapy and Profound will provide an effective, non-surgical neck lift. Repeating skin lifting procedures every few years based on your anti-aging needs will help you maintain a youthful appearance. 

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Posted by Sarah Kubrick