An Anti-Aging Guide For All Ages

an anti-aging guide for all ages (1)

For many of us, a skin care routine is primarily reactive. We typically only treat the signs of aging after we've already started noticing their appearance as opposed to taking the proper steps to delay their appearance or prevent them entirely. For most, the time for botox should be before expression lines appear, but usually isn't started until after we notice that first faint line etching into our glabella. Or worse, some of us decide on a topical regimen in our teens and 20s and stick with it for decades without acknowledgement that as we age, it may need to be adjusted. In this week's blog, we take on the progression of aging throughout each decade of your life and how you can prevent it with the right products and the right treatments—at the right time.

Your Twenties
For most of us, this decade consists of the exact same skincare routine we've used since we first realized we needed to have a skincare routine. Depending on where you are in your 20s, you've probably just begun to adjust to independence and adulthood—but you've left your skin in high school. This is a critical time for your skin because a lot of the damage that will start to appear in your 40s and 50s is occurring now, but since you have youth and elasticity on your side you can't quite tell yet. Everyone has different needs, but for now you should be focusing on the basics which include monthly HydraFacials, superficial chemical peels, and microneedling. For your home routine between treatments, it's time to start adding in a retinol because it will keep your collagen production high and rapidly reduce the tiny fine lines you haven't even noticed have begun yet. But above all else, practice daily use of a physical broad spectrum sunscreen containing titanium or zinc oxide such as Purely Physical SPF 47 (it also comes tinted for those that prefer some coverage). If sunscreen feels too heavy on your skin when used with makeup, try SPF products like translucent powder sunscreen on top of your foundation to ensure you get some UV protection. 

Your Thirties
If you haven't yet, it's time to start incorporating botox into your routine every 3-6 months. By now, your skin is still relatively fresh but slowly and unnoticeably starting to form expression lines that will eventually stick around permanently if they aren't addressed now. Whether you prefer Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, or Jeuveau, make sure you begin with one of them. To address other concerns such as fine lines, scars, hyperpigmentation, or skin texture that may start to become a mild issue in your 30s, start scheduling yourself for lighter treatments such as microneedling or Clear + Brilliant to preserve a youthful and fresh appearance while stimulating collagen and elastin production. In regards to your home care products, you may consider adjusting your moisturizer accordingly if your skin's oil production has slowed or you are noticing an increased sensitivity, and keep the aggressive exfoliators to a minimum. Now is a good time to incorporate a nightly product like Advanced Retinol Serum, which helps fend off the signs of aging while protecting your skin from breakouts. And as always, don't forget your sunscreen during the day.

Your Forties
By now, you should be continuing as needed with an established botox routine that works for you. Many of our patients in their 40s have started regular use of medium-depth peels as needed, as well as regular laser treatments such as Clear + Brilliant, Fraxel, and Forever Young BBL. Depending on the condition of your skin, you have many options to select the laser that's perfect for your aesthetic goals. If you are noticing stronger signs of aging than you are comfortable with, Forever Young BBL provides an excellent starting point. Starting with a series of two to four treatments will likely be enough to reduce the issues you are concerned with, and maintenance treatments are typically recommended every six months. If you are trying to avoid any downtime with lasers and still want the results, Clear + Brilliant is the perfect alternative for anyone and can be performed every two weeks to maintain skin that is already in good condition or has already been treated with other options. To proactively avoid any sagging or loose skin that may begin to form around this time, you may way to consider Ultherapy Collagen Boost treatments to tighten and plump skin. At home, your skincare routine should be adjusted by incorporating a gentle milk cleanser that calms and smooths skin (we love Alastin's Gentle Cleanser and Revision's Gentle Cleansing Lotion), and using a dead skin cell sloughing, collagen-boosting retinoid or glycolic acid product will work wonders for keeping sun damage and wrinkles at a minimum such as Vitamin C E Ferulic or HA Collagen Restore Creme. Be sure to carry your skincare routine down to your neck as well since it can age more quickly than your face, or try a product specifically formulated for the sensitive skin on your neck like a neck lifting cream.

Your Fifties & Later
During your fifties, adding treatments like Ultherapy, CO2 Laser Resurfacing, or a modified phenol peel (aka a deep peel) to your typical routine of botox and fillers will yield the most impressive results while maintaining your natural beauty. Ultherapy works to lift and tighten skin, and continues to work over time by stimulating the ongoing production of collagen and elastin. It will also help to keep your jawline and brows naturally lifted, preventing hooded eyes and a sagging expression. If you are looking for a less invasive lift that shows results instantly, you should consider the Liquid Face Lift. Many of our patients in their 50s, 60s, and 70s have used CO2 Laser Resurfacing for dramatic reduction in moderate to severe wrinkles, improved skin texture, scar reduction, and age spots. However, if your skin is already in excellent shape, you should be scheduling ongoing Forever Young BBL treatments every six months to maintain. During your fifties, you will likely notice a shift in oil production on your skin and will benefit from a more advanced moisturizer such as Filler in A Bottle or Daily Youth Creme. To keep any potential sun damage at bay, a Papaya Enzyme Cleanser and vitamin C lotion will keep your skin bright and evenly toned. Continue with your favorite retinol as well. 

For a more uniquely tailored plan on what works best for your skin, schedule a consultation with us today and find out how to keep your skin younger longer. 

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