What is a Liquid Face Lift?

Liquid Face Lift at Supriya Dermatology in Palm Beach and Jupiter FL

Are you looking to give your skin a subtle lift without undergoing surgery? Learn about how the Liquid Lift can help with sagging and aging skin in place of an invasive surgical procedure. 

If there is one thing that we can all count on, it is aging. With the right skin care routine throughout your life—including adequate cleansing, nourishing, and protection—you can fend off many of the signs of aging for far longer than most. And as time goes on, if you have adjusted your routine to include lasers and botox, you are perfectly primed for people to be asking what your secret is for decades to come. 

However, some of us eventually start seeing more prominent wrinkles, more sagging where plumpness used to be, and dullness where our skin used to glow. And when the curiosity to consult about a surgical face and neck lift sneaks in, we often worry about the downside of surgery such as excessive downtime or potential complications that could leave damaging results on both our health and appearance. So what are the alternatives?

Many patients have seen success from our leading non surgical lifting procedures such as Ultherapy, the award-winning skin tightening, lifting, and collagen-boosting alternative to a surgical face, neck, and brow lift. And because Ultherapy comes with little to no downtime, it remains our top recommended treatment by patients. But if you are looking for an option that will produce results nearly instantly and you aren't interested in trying Ultherapy, how will the Liquid Lift work for you?

To perform a liquid face lift, the first step is to incorporate botox. This approach has two benefits: the botox will prevent expression lines from worsening, and it will also revise the way untreated muscles work to naturally lift around your eyes. When placed properly throughout your forehead, crow's feet, and glabella, botox has the ability to freeze certain muscles, causing others to lift and pull upward to enhance your brow. Results from botox injections take between 5-7 days for full results to appear, and the brand names include Botox®, Dysport®, Xeomin®, and Jeuveau®. All brands are effective at reducing or eliminating expression lines, and the results tend to last longer with consistent re-treatment. One added bonus? It may help with relieving tension headaches as well.

The next step to lifting is through the use of fillers, strategically placed to plump up the skin and brighten dullness around the eyes without overdoing it. Dr. Supriya Tomar is renowned for her conservative approach to dermal fillers because of her sharp focus on enhancing natural beauty as opposed to overdoing injectables and hiding it. She will evaluate your concerns and develop the perfect map to subtly but noticeably lift sagging jowls and brows, and work to discreetly conceal dark circles and bags that may be making you appear tired when you are not. During a liquid lift, the most common placement includes cheekbones, marionette lines, under the eyes, and along the jaw line. Bumps in the nose can be smoothed out, and fine lines can be reduced to freshen your overall appearance. 

One common issue many of our patients face as they age is a double chin. While this is commonly believed to be a symptom of excess weight, in reality anyone can develop a double chin regardless of their weight and it can become even more pronounced as the jawline begins to droop. Kybella is specifically approved to target submental fat, however, many Kybella patients have noticed the added benefit of a more defined jawline and tighter appearance in their jaw and neck overall. As part of the liquid lift, Kybella will also be injected into your jowls to create a well-defined jawline and reduce the severity and potential for additional sagging later on.

Is the Liquid Lift effective for everyone?
While lifting through the use of botox and fillers is generally safe and effective for everyone, some people may see more results through our other lifting procedures. Your best way of knowing for sure is to consult with us about your concerns so that we may evaluate exactly what will work best for you to achieve your aesthetic goal.

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liquid face lift at Supriya Dermatology in Palm Beach and Jupiter FLSome of us are looking for dramatic results, which can be achieved over a series of sessions, and some require a subtle lift here and there to brighten up their appearance. Whatever your goals are, anyone can benefit from the use of botox, fillers, and fat reduction injectables. To view more before and after photos of our patients who have tried the liquid lift, a consultation will be beneficial for you so that we may pull examples of patients with similar cosmetic needs as yourself.

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